Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tiny Love Rocker Napper Rocks New Color Options

One of our favorite must-have baby products, the Tiny Love Rocker Napper, has two new design options! The Rocker Napper originally was offered in brown, then came red, and now you can buy it in blue or "flow stripe" (neutral with green trim and stripes).
We shared our review of the Tiny Love Rocker Napper almost one year ago and my love for this product has only grown. I recommend it to all of my expectant friends, whether they are a first time mom or expecting a 2nd or 3rd. It's a place for your baby to sleep, to sit, to play and to eat. It's about as multi-functional as a baby product can get!

The Rocker Napper retails for $99. You can find the brown and red models on Amazon for less. The new blue and flow stripe models can be found on the Tiny Love site.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Meeno Babies Stroller Liner {Review}

I look forward to the sunny days of summer when we spend lots of time outdoors. But my little one has a tendency to get quite sweaty and hot in her stroller. Last summer I starting using the Meeno Babies Stroller Liner and I think it helped her stay at least a little cooler. As the temperatures have risen recently, I pulled the liner out of the closet and installed it last week for use this summer. 
The liner is made from 3-ply poly-mesh material that promotes airflow between your child’s body and their seat. Warm air escapes, to help prevent overheating and perspiring, thus keeping your baby cooler and more comfortable. You can see the company's diagram below of how the seat is fabricated.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

SwimZip Swimsuits for Kids {Review}

We recently returned from a week-long vacation in south Florida where our mornings consisted of pool time and afternoons were spent at the beach. It was incredibly relaxing and I can't say enough nice things about the incredibly kid-friendly Acqualina Resort (I'm working on a full review to post soon!).

I had purchased a SwimZip swimsuit months in advance of our trip and was really excited to have my daughter wear it during our vacation. It is hands-down the easiest swimsuit to get on a little girl. I find one piece suits rather challenging to pull on a squirmy toddler and bikinis do not offer much sun protection. SwimZip solves both of these problems with it's easy-on, zip-up swimsuit with built-in UV 50+ sun protection.

SwimZip also makes suits for boys, and since last summer when I first discovered the brand it has added quite a few more designs to its collection. The suits are moderately priced (around $30). I highly recommend SwimZip if you plan to spend time outdoors with your little one in a swimsuit this summer.

Last summer we posted an interview with SwimZip founder and mom Betsy Johnson. If you haven't read it, it's worth a visit to learn about this innovative brand.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Stylish Sunglasses For Little Ones

Baby and toddler sunglasses are one of the cutest summer accessories, in my opinion, not to mention a helpful way to protect your child's eyes from direct sunlight. My daughter gets a kick out of wearing her big pink over-sized sunglasses and will put them on and then go admire herself in the mirror. It makes me laugh and is just darling!

Sunglasses options for little ones have become far more stylish in recent years. Above I've selected a few I love and with some of these prices you can afford to get a few pairs to coordinate with outfits.

Top row, left to right:
Dot Sunglasses by Janie & Jack ($14)
Pink Sunglasses by Old Navy ($4.85)
Giraffe Print Sunglasses by Janie & Jack ($11)

Middle row, left to right:
Red White and Blue Sunglasses by Old Navy ($4.85)
Red Stripe Sunglasses by Janie & Jack ($11.50)
Fern Green Strip Sunglasses by Gymboree ($7.99)

Bottom row, left to right:
Quiksilver Kids ($39.95)
Julbo Eyewear Booba ($40)
Julbo Eyewear X6 ($32)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Storage Bags for Breastmilk

Last month I spoke at an event for new moms and moms-to-be on the topic of pumping. Some were planning to nurse as well as pump while others were planning to primarily or exclusively pump. While there are different issues to address with both approaches, any pumping mom needs to have the right products that make pumping and storing milk a little easier.

Preparing my notes for this event prompted me to go back and look at a list I shared last year of 5 must-have products for exclusively pumping moms. These five products were truly life savers for me during my own pumping experience. But of course, there are more than five products that you really need, and I did not include a major essential on my list -- storage bags for the breastmilk!

When I was pumping, I used Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags. They have a color-change zipper seal so you can make sure they are securely closed. And they are easy to lay flat to maximize storage in your freezer. They worked well for me and I recommend them.

After I had completed my own pumping journey, Simple Wishes launched a new breastmilk storage bag called the Honeysuckle bag. I am a huge fan of Simple Wishes (the Simple Wishes hands-free pumping bra is on my list of 5 must-haves!). The Honeysuckle bags have a double zipper to ensure closure, can lay flat in your freezer, and (this is the cool part!) are basically bio-degradable. After disposal if exposed to UV light, oxygen and heat the bag will break down much faster than other breastmilk storage bags. Simple Wishes sent me some samples last month and the bags seem really sturdy. I'll have a full review to share after baby #2 arrives this fall!

There are other storage bags options available, but based on my own experiences and from talking with fellow moms, I would recommend checking out the two I've mentioned above.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Babies Tots 'n More Consignment Sale, April 25-27 {Chicago}

If you live in Chicago (or know of a mom or mom-to-be who does), mark your calendar! The spring Babies Tots n More Consignment Sale is coming up next week: April 25 - 27. I'll admit, I booked a sitter for next week back in January in anticipation of this sale. Yes, it is that good!
Here's the skinny: The Babies Tots 'n More Consignment Sale is a mom-founded sale that takes place a few times a year in Chicago. Families from across the city can consign their very gently used clothing, toys, and gear for babies and kids as well as maternity items. You can also shop the sale. The sale is unbelievably well-run and the shopping experience is similar to being in a store - with clothing sorted and hung by age and gender, with gear organized by type, with books all in one place, etc. While there is more clothing and gear for babies than for older kids (they outgrow things so fast!), there is a nice selection for kids all the way up to youth size 16.

This will be my fourth time shopping the sale and I have definitely learned a few little "tricks" I'm happy to share if you're a newbie to this event:

Monday, April 15, 2013

LaLaLounger Floor Pillow {Review}

Last fall we teamed up with the creator of LaLaLounger to host the first-ever giveaway of this cool new floor pillow for kids. The product had just launched and there was a lot of excitement about this handy product, but it was so new we could only write about - we had not yet tried it out.
LaLaLounger recently sent my daughter one to try out and I now have some first-hand thoughts to share with you about it! 

It is huge. It's one thing to say it's 35 inches square and it's another thing to actually see this enormous floor pillow in-person! My daughter loves it and there is plenty of space for her to sit comfortably as a 1.5 year old with room to grow. The middle of the pillow is indented as a sitting area making the sides of the pillow a comfortable place to lean or rest your head.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Janod Toys

A few of my daughter's favorite toys at the moment are from Janod, a French brand defined by high-quality materials and design. Our first Janod product was a gift, and once I discovered the brand I sought out more from the line.
We absolutely love the compact Janod play kitchen, pictured above. It is a wooden kitchen and comes with pots, utensils and an oven mitt. The details are beautiful and the size works well for a smaller space, which has enabled us to move the kitchen into a variety of rooms with ease.

Do you own any Janod products? Let me know if there are any you love!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Favorites: Baby Walkers

When my kids were beginning to walk, I could see the joy on their faces with every step they took. Our kids adored their baby walkers, gifted to us from generous friends.There are lots of baby walkers out there, and you don't have to spend a lot on them, whether you are looking at the primary-colored plastic kind with built-in toys or the wooden mod design. Does your baby have a walker they love(d)?

From left to right:
LeapFrog Learning Band Walker $34.99
Wonderworld Wonder Blue Walker $55.99
Ekorre Wagon from IKEA $19.99

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Custom Family Glassware

We love some of the unconventional and creative products at Uncommon Goods, we have featured their unique block sets for toddlers before.  We love the create your own custom family glassware by from a New Jersey glassware company. You can pick a glass for each member of the family from the available cup selections of: man, woman, children and pets, so that everyone at the table can see themselves reflected in their own special glass.

Printing is done using organic inks that are 100% free of heavy metals. Each glass is $12.
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