Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baby Safety: Babyproofing the Home

There are a lot of obstacles and hazards to a little one who crawls around on the floor and doesn't yet know what is safe vs. what is not. Accidents happen, that is the game of life, but when accidents can be prevented easily, they should.

WebMD recommends doing a little test for babyproofing: try crawling around on all fours and "thinking" like your baby to remind yourself of their perspective and potential hazards. Each room and structural changes in home home may present challenges that should be address: the handrail for your staircase for instance, should you purchase a baby gate and railnet?

We rounded up a few of the basics for babyproofing, like furniture straps, to ensure that climbing explorers do not tip your furniture and a general babyproofing kit with electrical outlet covers, knob covers and grip latches.

Clockwise from left: 
Safety 1st 46 Pack Essentials Childproofing Kit $11
Prince Lionheart Corner Guards $8
Safety 1st Railnet $18
Safety 1st 11014 Furniture Wall Straps $3

In honor of Baby Safety month during the month of September, all this week we are highlighting Baby Safety Gear items, stay tuned for more picks! 

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