Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baby Safety: MediBag First Aid Kit

One of the most important items you can have in your house and with you on the road when you travel is a first aid kit. When your little ones fall down with cuts and scrapes, spike a fever, or have any of the other maladies that children get at inopportune times, a well outfitted first aid kit should be able to get you through most non-emergency situations. 

The MediBag Family First Aid Kit is one of the more extensive and complete first aid kits available and contains more than 100 items including bandages, antispetic wipes, burn gel and more. Since no single kit will contain everything you need, don't forget to include some Tylenol or other fever-reducer, sunscreen, an antihistamine, and a list of the important emergency contact numbers applicable to your family.

You can find the Medibag Family First Aid Kit at One Step Ahead for $19.95.

If you are more interested in putting together your own First Aid kit, check out how Andrea put together one with samples she had gotten for free at Simple Organized Living. You know the health fairs at your child's school or your spouse's work? Check those out for great samples.
In honor of Baby Safety month during the month of September, all this week we are highlighting Baby Safety Gear items.

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