Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kids Bike Accessories

Once your little one gets behind the steering wheel of their very own tricycle or bicycle, there are some wonderful accessories out there to add some personality and pizzazz to your little one's wheels. A Pink Bicycle Bell, or what about the Bike Chalk Trail Kit that traces a line behind the bike, that takes sidewalk chalk to a whole new level! 

And don't forget that every set of new wheels should be accessorized with a bike helmet for safety. Check out our selection of fun bike helmets for kids.
  1. Bicycle Bell Alloy- Pink/Silver $6.50  
  2. Bike Chalk Trail Kit $27
  3. Electra Bicycle Valve Caps (Dice) $7.59
  4. Electra Bicycle Bell (Electra Chrome Plated) $7.58 
  5. Pyramid Laser Bicycle Streamers, Pink/Silver $6.20  
  6. Children's Bicycle Lock $1.90
  7. Sunlite Bicycle Spoke Beads, Set of 36 $5.49 


  1. So cool! I love the chalk trail kit. I remember streamers :) Glad to see those are still around. Do they still sell the woven baskets to attach to the front?

    1. Yes they do have the woven baskets, you can find them on amazon.

  2. Oh, I love it so much - I really want to steal it


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