Thursday, September 20, 2012

Online Kids Consignment Stores + DISCOUNT

We recently featured ThredUp and their online marketplace for second-hand kids clothing. However, ThredUp is only one online retailer for gently used children's clothing. There are lots of options out there to find the perfect items. We have rounded up five additional online kids consignment stores, like Moxie Jean and Peachy Bees.

Discount at Moxie Jean: the first 25 Bump To Baby Gear readers will get $10 off an initial purchase by redeeming the code BUMP2BABY. Thank you Moxie Jean!

A selection of online kids consignment stores:
  • Moxie Jean - A clean and easy to navigate site, Moxie Jean is a little company with a big ambition: make sharing and reusing kids clothes much, much easier. You can get free shipping on orders of more than $40. Feel free to pop over and read a review of Moxie Jean.
  • ThredUp - The fastest growing online marketplace for second-hand kids clothing, where you can buy and sell children’s clothing online. You get a $10 discount on your first clothing purchase with ThredUp.
  • Peachy Bees - A well designed site with excellent prices and an incredible inventory created by and for parents. 
  • Stella Plus Jack - Free shipping and flexible returns, this retailer sells high end clothing as well as a limited selection of accessories and gear, which is unusual for an online consignment store. You can select from Juicy Couture items for baby to a Baby Bjorn or Boppy pillow.  
  • Loobalee - An online marketplace for gently used clothing, this retailer is focused on clothing online, and not simply high end fare, you can find a lot of Carter's items for only $2. 


  1. Thank you so much for including Moxie Jean in your list! We work hard to make it EASY for busy moms to buy and sell high quality, like-new kids clothing, including everything you need to dress your little one from birth to size 8, from play time to bed time and even special occasions like weddings or holidays.

    We would love to offer $10 off an initial purchase to the first 25 readers who redeem the code BUMP2BABY at our web site.

    Thanks for trying out Moxie Jean!
    -Sharon Schneider, founder & CEO

    1. Very generous offer, thank you for sharing this with our readers!

  2. HI Whitney! We would love to be considered for inclusion of this list of great online consignment shops! If we are accepted for inclusion, we also would like to offer 20% off a total purchase for first time customers! We can provide a code if accepted. Thank you for your time and have a great day!


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