Monday, October 22, 2012

Tiny Love Musical Stack and Ball Game {Review}

I am a huge fan of Tiny Love products and so appreciate that they are designed in a way that makes them usable for a long time. (We still use our Tiny Love Rocker Napper daily as a place for L to sit in the kitchen and she is nearly 11 months old!). We recently added a new Tiny Love toy into L's play space and she is loving all the various ways to use it.
When I read about the Musical Stack and Ball Game online, I thought it sounded promising because of the multiple ways to play with it. Now that we have it at home, I'm even more delighted because we have discovered even more ways to have fun with all the parts:
  1. Stack the rings. Four rings are included, two soft and two hard (plastic).
  2. Drop the included balls into the container and the toy lights up and plays music. When the elephant's head is at the top of the stack, it provides a funnel-like opening. Remove the elephant and you can drop the balls directly into the container. The toy lights up and plays music every time a ball is dropped into the container.
  3. Play with the rings. L has so much fun just playing with the rings and likes to carry them around the house.
  4. Shake the balls which have rattles inside. Each of the three included balls has a rattle inside, making it fun to shake or bang together to create your own music.
The toy is recommended for ages 6 -18 months. For $30 (you can buy it here), I think it's a nice investment that we will have fun with for a while. In November, we will be giving one lucky Bump To Baby Gear reader a Musical Stack and Ball Game toy of your own! Stay tuned for that soon.

Have you recently added any new toys to your collection that your child loves? We would love to hear as we're always on the hunt for great finds.

Thank you to Tiny Love for sending us the Musical Stack and Ball Game to try out.


  1. My son would love this! He loves putting things into containers and taking them out. He could seriously do this all day!

  2. My niece would love this, she is just starting to get the idea behind these toys!

  3. Mine is too old for this now, but this is a great educational toy to help with motor skills and problem solving!


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